Academic Advising

As you strive and stretch, we’re always right there with you.
St. Timothy’s girls feel comfortable launching themselves into the challenge and excitement of IB because they feel so deeply supported. A network of teachers, advisers, programs, and peers guides each girl—knowing her personally, listening thoughtfully, and meeting her individual needs.

Center for Learning and Teaching
We help girls from all learning backgrounds succeed and thrive in the IB. For those who need additional structure and support, we provide one-on-one guidance once or twice weekly, focusing not just on subject matter but on establishing lifelong skills of independent learning and self-advocacy.

All girls have access to the Center, an important resource for helping students become independent thinkers and problem solvers. Through one-on-one advising sessions with the Center’s director, you will build an understanding of your personal learning style and develop strategies for personal and academic success.

Extra Help
Two afternoons a week, we schedule a block of time during which students are welcome (and encouraged) to seek out teachers—gaining additional opportunities for learning, exploration, and guidance. Extra help is for all students, those who want to continue discussing a fascinating question begun in class or those who might want explanation of a problem or concept. The point is creating connection. When our teachers and students start talking, great things happen.