Our Values

Prizing curiosity and intellectual independence, St. Timothy’s encourages girls to be open-minded, principled, and empathetic citizens who embrace a wide variety of thought and experience—while leading balanced lives of sisterhood and joy.

These Are the Values that Unite and Sustain Us:

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  • Joy -

    Academic and community life should be fun; the result is love of learning and lightness of spirit.
  • Balance -

    We insist on equal doses of rigor and support, activity and reflection, innovation and tradition, ambition and personal wellness.
  • Community -

    We learn best when deeply connected to those around us, borrowing of their knowledge and experience and sharing our own. 
  • Diversity -

    By convening faculty and students from a wide array of cultures, backgrounds, and points of view, the impact of community exchange expands exponentially. 
  • Empathy -

    Learning works best when students feel comfortable and accepted; are able to trust their teachers, mentors, and peers; and are open to new ideas and experiences. 
  • Independence -

    By living full and highly structured lives, students gain the life skills and experiences needed for self-sufficiency in college and thereafter. 
  • Intellectual Curiosity -

    A thirst for knowing sharpens the mind, inspires the spirit, and deepens one’s capacity for creative solutions. 
  • Potential -

    We see each girl as an individual, in possession of her own brand of talent that can be discovered and developed by personalized teaching and persistent nurturing. 
  • Quality -

    From state-of-the art technology and well-maintained facilities to the stirring beauty of our campus, we invest in tools and environments that make a critical difference in the daily life and learning of our students.
  • Rigor -

    Intellectual challenge builds character, resilience, and lifelong habits of mind.
  • Support -

    All girls are capable of academic success when they are seen, understood, and supported on an individual level.
  • Tradition -

    By joining together around a common set of values, practices, and beliefs, we reinforce and ever expand the deep connections between the members of this community—and with the extended family of St. Timothy’s alumnae and their families.
By anchoring every aspect of learning and life in this set of shared beliefs and priorities, we deepen the bonds of warmth and respect that unite this community, ensuring that each girl is valued and cared for and creating the best conditions for every girl to grow to the full extent of her potential.

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